The bottle

A ‘Work of Water’ born of nature comes to life in the bottle designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro: 105 droplets of design accompany S.Bernardo in the restyling of bottles in glass and PET. Dedicated to those who look for lightness at the table, as well as refined complementary products, the new look S.Bernardo is present in restaurants and now in homes. S.Bernardo has updated its logo, labelling and glass bottle: the result is a fresh and distinctive character adding value to the lightness of the contents whilst maintaining the link to the company’s origins.

It began in 2008 with the 75cl bottle destined exclusively for fine dining restaurants and is visible today in the PET format of 1L and 1.5L. The restyling of the bottle confirms the association with Giorgetto Giugiaro – creator of the famous bottle with droplets of water in 1994.

Giugiaro’s design for S.Bernardo is expressed in a fascinating, iconic object, one where taste becomes image: a bottle that is beautiful to look at, handle and serve. The new stylistic, graphic appearance of the bottle retains the distinctive droplets of water on the bottle’s surface designed by Giugiaro in 1994. Originally 88 in number, today there are 105 water droplets running the length of the bottle, almost touching the label, exalting its tapered elegant lines and contributing to the ergonomic qualities of the shape. Thus, the water droplet becomes a symbol of continuity as it accompanies S.Bernardo in its changes for a contemporary design which remains faithful to the original values.

The restyling of the S.Bernardo logo and label is in harmony with the bottle’s new lines. The new logo combines the original distinctive lettering with pared down graphic outlines in white and silver giving it a delicate and refined appearance. Like a small, rare jewel, a water droplet enhances and completes the logo, set between lines inspired by the mountains of the water’s source and the monogrammed initials of the bottle top. The design of the bottle is further enhanced by the brand name S.Bernardo applied vertically in relief on the bottle, emerging amidst the droplets and highlighting the precious nature of the packaging. The new label is transformed by the use of vibrant and metallic colours bestowing an elegant and refined, classic modernity.