Acqua San Bernardo and the environment

Our commitment to the protection of the planet starts with our springs, we also stand for the protection of the oceans and organic farming, giving stability to our ecosystem.

The Springs

S.Bernardo mineral spring water makes its journey from the rocks of the Maritime Alps in Alta Val Tanara, the spring is near Garessio (Cuneo) at an altitude of over 1,300 m. During its long journey the water is enriched with precious minerals. It is ditinguished by a low solid residue at 180° C (34.0 mg/L) and low sodium content (0.7 mg/L) and is therefore classed as lightly mineralised.

In defense of the oceans

Plastic is the greatest enemy of the oceans and Acqua San Bernardo has always stood up in their defense and to prevent waste scattered throughout the seas from outnumbering fish, as has been forecast for 2050. Acqua San Bernardo is committed to using bottles in PET 100% recyclable axing its communication towards the use of glass, for a more sustainable future for everyone.

Wind Power

Always sensitive to environmental issues, S.Bernardo has reduced the environmental impact of the Garessio (CN) production facility, with the use of renewable energy provided by the wond farm on the San Bernardo hill overlooking the facility. At 1000 metres above sea level, 5 towers, with heights varying from 60 to 80 metres, are visible from the two valleys of Piemonte and Liguria. This is the only wind farm to be approved in the County, erected on the hills by San Bernardo Wind Energy, to produce electricity using the power of the wind.